Extensive investigation into Trump: possibly also banking and insurance fraud


New York prosecutors filed an official filing yesterday to view President Trump’s tax returns. Trump’s personal tax returns and those of the Trump Organization over the past eight years should come on the table.

Criminal investigation

Trump tried to stop that earlier, but it came to nothing. The U.S. Supreme Court decided that prosecutors should be allowed to view the President’s financial records.

The investigation would investigate Trump’s ties to foreign countries, whether he paid taxes, or whether Trump paid the hush money that violated campaign laws ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Prosecutor Cyrus Vance also revealed something else yesterday: the criminal case may also be about bank and insurance fraud. The Trump Organization, the US president’s company, may be involved in “large-scale and long-term criminal behavior.”

Illegal acts

It is unclear exactly what that means, explains correspondent Erik Mouthaan. “We do not know much about what the Public Prosecution Service (OM) is looking at exactly, but the documents that are submitted to the court seem to indicate that the investigation is being extended. That it is no longer just about the women who receive money from the Trump organization had been bought off, but there were other possible crimes committed by Trump’s company. ”

Mouthaan argues that it is ‘not for nothing’ that the president tries to stop the Public Prosecution Service from inspecting his tax returns.

“He sued his accountants to ensure that they would not hand over the information,” said Mouthaan. “But the Supreme Court ruled that the President is ‘not a king’ and that he, like everyone else, must abide by the law.” This means that the Public Prosecution Service is therefore allowed to investigate its tax payments.

America is pandemic

According to Mouthaan, the question is whether this will become a major political topic. “American voters are mainly concerned with the pandemic. Trump supporters seem no longer shocked by any information, the president also survived an impeachment.”


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