Explosion at home in Schalkhaar causes havoc


Nobody was injured. The havoc is enormous. Several parts of a fence have been completely blown away. There is a half click on the other side of the street.

This local resident responds to the explosion:

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Windows were killed in at least three houses surrounding the explosion. The police have secured camera images of the house themselves. Local residents are asked to check their camera images if there is something to be seen around four o’clock, such as passing vehicles or suspicious persons. Witnesses are called to report.

Local residents shocked

“We heard a loud explosion and sat upright in bed,” says a neighbor. “It was very surreal. You first look in your own house, then we saw that it was across the street.” The neighbor who lives right next to it saw his neighbors “ablaze. That is very shocking. I looked around and brought the dogs to safety. The residents are also very shocked.”

The Forensic Investigation has been investigating for about eight hours. The Vosmanskamp and Bakkerskamp are expected to remain closed all morning for this.

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