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On Spoor Oost in Borgerhout, the test village ‘TestCovid.be’ opens today at 9.30 am. Only people without symptoms of disease from Antwerp, Borsbeek, Wommelgem, Schoten and Stabroek are allowed to have themselves tested for the corona virus here. We will briefly list how the system works correctly.

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1. You will receive an activation code. This could be from a contact locator, because you have been in contact with a person infected by Covid-19. This can also be via a text message because after a stay abroad, you are required to do so passenger locator form have indicated that you have returned from an orange or red zone.

2. If you have symptoms, call your doctor who will test or refer you to one of the test centers that already exist. Only if you do not have any symptoms and you live in Antwerp, Borsbeek, Wommelgem, Schoten or Stabroek, you can make an appointment for a test at www.testcovid.be. You enter the activation code and some other details. If everything is correct, you will receive a QR code and you can book an appointment online in the test village.

3. With that QR code you will come to Spoor Oost within two days (be careful, it is located in the low-emission zone). It makes no sense to come to the test village without a QR code and without ID. You will not be tested without those two. There is a help desk for problems with the QR code.

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4. Motorists queue up in one of the two streets intended for them. Cyclists leave their bicycles in the parking facility and join a separate street on foot. They wear a mouth mask and respect the rules of distance.

5. Each street has three testers: a scanner that enters your code and identity card, a scriptor that takes care of the test material and the administration and a swabber that administers the actual test. The pedestrians sit on a chair. The motorist remains in his vehicle. Four people can be tested in each car, for example a family with two children, provided they each sit at an opening window. If there is a fifth passenger, it will be tested with the pedestrians.

6. The test takes one to one and a half minutes per person. Then you leave the test zone. Your sample will be sent to a new lab at the University of Antwerp, founded by Professor Herman Goossens, and within 24 to 48 hours after taking it, you can consult the results on www.mijn health.be with the help of your codes. If you are positive, you should immediately contact your doctor.

© Jan Van der Perre

© Jan Van der Perre

© Jan Van der Perre



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