Experts criticize experts: “Too many meetings me …


Experte crisis management Floor Lams.
Foto: Photo News

Three experts gave their analysis of the first phase of the crisis in the corona committee in the Chamber on Friday. The conclusion: too little coordination, too little communication and too many different meetings with always the same experts.

Because apparently there are never enough experts, the corona committee in the Chamber opened another look on Friday. Yves Coppieters (epidemiologist and professor of public health at the ULB), Floor Lams (crisis management expert) and Leila Belkhir (infectiologist from the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc) each came to evaluate the first wave from their background.

No names were mentioned, but it was especially the “limited group of experts” who appeared in the media inappropriately and inappropriately in recent months. Coppieters openly asked questions about the way in which they influenced policy. Floor Lams also patted the same nail: “You shouldn’t always sit down with the same experts at every moment of the crisis. A run-down scenario requires different emphases than the build-up. Other crises arise from the health crisis, such as an economic one. We must also dare to look beyond traditional experts. ” Professor Leila Belkhir went one step further and also criticized the decisions “that did not always meet our needs on the ground.”

The three experts also argued for better coordination of the crisis. According to Professor Belkhir there are “too many decision levels” and the field is still “confusion all around”. Lams calls for a unity of command from the federal level. “We need to clarify this division of powers over the role of mayors, governors, and other levels.”


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