EXERCISE MATCHES. Slap Ghent loses at Zulte Waregem, Trebe …


There were a lot of exhibition games on the program today. AA Gent, among others, a title candidate, went to work on the field of Zulte Waregem. The Buffalos made it a limp dress rehearsal.


A particularly poor start of the Buffalos was mercilessly punished by the home team that exchanged the three-man defense for a classic 4-4-2. After a handful of seconds, Berahino took full advantage of a misunderstanding in the Ghent defense and was immediately 1-0. A few minutes later, Opare played the inevitable Foxes on the edge of the sixteen and the Limburger still proved to be a real sniper.

The double arrears did not immediately improve the visitors who acted very sloppy and uninspired in the Rainbow Stadium. Still, Yaremchuk (offside) and Depoitre (just next to) had great opportunities to score the connection goal. Essevee never got into trouble, however, and occasionally put his nose to the window. But when Srarfi sold a push to Odjidja, the Tunisian was immediately allowed to take a shower from ref Van Damme.

After halftime, however, both coaches agreed to play eleven to eleven again, but that was not included in the ref. And so Essevee had to go another 45 minutes with a male less between the lines. But that did not immediately change the game. Ghent had a difficult time with an eager home team and was able to breathe a sigh of relief when Kaminski kept a broken goal by a second hit.

The Buffalos, who had a lot of fun during the team building in Jupille earlier this week, started to develop more pressure after the break and when Mohammadi kicked a good cross cross, Yaremchuk was there like the chickens to head in the Ghent connection goal. The Ghent superiority gave the Ukrainian attacker another opportunity, but this time Bossut saved with the foot.

Moments later, both teams were actually playing ten to ten when Odjidja swallowed his second yellow card. The game then stalled for a long time when Bossut got injured after a collision with Botaka. The 34-year-old goalkeeper was unable to continue and was replaced by Bansen. Zulte Waregem limited himself in the final quarter to defending the small lead.

Ghent threw fresh forces into the battle and went looking for the equalizer. Dorsch guided De Bruyn subtly through the offside trap, but Bansen stood firm. Plastun also took his chance: the central defender steamed on and kicked hard. Bansen without a chance, but the crossbar saved the young German goalkeeper.

Zulte Waregem: Bossut (70 ‘Bansen), Opare (76’ Soisalo), Pletinckx, Deschacht, De Bock (75 ‘Thiel), Seck (80’ Govea), Sissako (80 ‘Marcq), Srarfi, Bruno (70’ Van Hecke), Foxes and Berahino (82 ‘Sylla)

AA Gent: Kaminski, Castro-Montes, Plastun, Ngadeu, Mohammadi (57 ‘Botaka), Owusu, Kums, Odjidja, Bezus (70’ De Bruyn), Yaremchuk (75 ‘Kvilitaia) en Depoitre (57’ Dorsch)

Goals: 1 ‘Berahino 1-0; 6 ‘Foxes 2-0; 53 ‘Yaremchuk 2-1


KV Mechelen is pulling his doubts to his first league game in the Jupiler Pro League this weekend. It also could not win against the French Metz – fifteenth in the French Ligue 1 last season. With 2 to 18 and only one goal scored against RWDM, Malinwa’s balance looks very poor.

Because of the heat, Malinwa’s game against Metz was brought forward from 3:00 pm to 10:30 am. Wouter Vrancken opted for the duo Bateau-Bushiri at the back and with Togui as the deep striker.

Yet it was the French who played the first chance together. Centonze reached Nguette, who headed wide. KV Mechelen for the first time in 15 minutes. Kabore put back well, but Vranckx and Togui just couldn’t get to the leather. Halfway through the first half, Coucke Maïga still liked the opening goal, but the goalkeeper from Mechelen had no story on a nice place ball from Boulaya.

Malinwa responded with a good shot from Storm, Oukidja parried. The last chance before half-time was again for KVM. Again Vranckx and Togui just couldn’t reach Hairemans’ cross.

After the break Malinwa went looking for the equalizer. Togui aimed over, Van Damme hit the goalkeeper. A strong tackle on Van Damme did not give the visitors a penalty. After a handful of substitutions, the last chance of the match was for Togui, but he also couldn’t decide.

For example, Malinwa starts the new football league with two draws (against Seraing and RWDM) and four losses (against Club Brugge, Standard, OHL and Metz). With a goal difference of -14 (1-15), there is clearly still a lot of work to be done, although the past already proved that a weak preparation does not always mean a bad competition start. (ydb)

KV Mechelen: Coucke, Kabore, Bateau (67 ‘Vanlerberghe), Bushiri, Bijker (67’ Van Cleemput), Van Damme (79 ‘Van Den Eynden), Schoofs, Vranckx (67’ De Camargo), Hairemans, Storm (67 ‘Kaya), Togui.

Goals: 29 ‘Boulaya (1-0).


Mouscron has been unable to continue his hitherto promising preparation. It lost 0-2 to Union on Saturday-morning. Felice Mazzu’s team started the game with great enthusiasm, while Mouscron, unlike in its previous exhibition games, had a hard time playing football. It was therefore the visitors who earned a lead via Hamzaoui. Mouscron barely put anything against that and after half an hour it faced a double deficit after a great goal from Sigurdarson.

Mouscron trainer Da Cruz was undoubtedly not satisfied with the performance of his troops in the first half, but the game image did not change after the break. Union came up again and Koffi, who made his debut for Mouscron, had to intervene several times. Mouscron remained powerless and could no longer threaten Union. In the bargain, Nlandu got red in the lock after viciously kicking. After positive results against Valenciennes and RWDM, this game was a reminder that there is still some work to be done for Mouscron.

Mouscron: Gillekens (46 ‘Koffi), Cirannni, Silvestre, Agouzoul (65’ Tabekou), Bocat (85 ‘Mohamed), Hocko (46’ Nlandu), Onana, Faraj, Badibanga, Zeka (46 ‘Van Durmen), Postolachi

Union: Moris (46 ‘Herbots), Bager (67’ Kandouss), Hamzaoui (67 ‘Boutouil), Brown (46’ Brown), Mehlem (46 ‘Nielsen), Fixelles, François (67’ Vega), Lynen, Sigurdarson (74 ‘ Vanzeir), Van Der Heyden (46 ‘Burgess), Lapoussin (46’ Bah)

Goals: 12 ‘Hamzaoui (0-1), 33’ Sigurdarson (0-2)


Anderlecht B was the whole match boss against 1B club RWDM. In the first half, however, the Molenbeek defense held up well. Purple and white sometimes cut through the defense, but the finish remains stiff. Kayembe, among others, missed after a good combination with Verschaeren. At RSCA, Trebel played in the spotlight again. The Frenchman launched many attacks and was good at switching.

It should come as no surprise that Trebel opened the score in the second half with a nice shot in the right hook. Also with the home team, Takidine also showed good things and also tried to stand out Adzic. Pieter Gerkens was often unhappy in his actions, but when Takidine put a cross back well, Gerkens also scored.

In the meantime, Anderlecht had taken a goal against. During a free kick, Vranjes in particular was ringed and hit. Anthony Vanden Borre was also kicking off as a right back and kept it sober. He was substituted after 45 minutes.

Anderlecht A is still playing in Lille this afternoon. Purple and white are missing the (slightly) injured Dimata and Roofe. Kompany still acts as a coach.

Anderlecht: Wellenreuther, Vanden Borre (46 ‘Milic), Vranjes, Delcroix, Kayembe, Trebel, Verschaeren, El Hadj, Gerkens, Adzic (89’ Debast), Takidine (71 ‘Leoni)

Goals: 61’ Trebel 1-0, 66’ Fabre 1-1, 68’ Gerkens 2-1


Alessio Staelens set the visitors to 0-1 after fourteen minutes after an assist from Bafodé Dansoko. The East Flemings were allowed to rest with that lead.

After the break nothing changed in the score, so the Guys did not gain much confidence in their provisional last practice pot before the resumption of the Jupiler Pro League.

Deinze seems to be ready for the new season in the Proximus League. Last week they already booked a nice 4-0 win against Cercle Brugge.


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