Exciting: A Chabad emissary whose husband died of the corona recovered and returned to Morocco


The followers who do not give up: Rebbetzin Gittel Eidelman returns tomorrow on a flight from Paris to Morocco, to continue the mission she set out on more than sixty years ago, together with her husband, the late Rabbi Shalom Eidelman, who died of the corona disease on Passover.

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As reported in Haredim 10, with the outbreak of the corona epidemic, the rabbi and rebbetzin contracted the corona virus. On Passover the apostle died, and was buried on the second good day of postcards in Casablanca.

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His wife recovered from the virus and traveled to France to recover from her family. But when she asked to return on a mission, Morocco’s strict guidelines did not allow her to fly from France back to her place of mission.

These days, citizens and permanent employees are allowed to return to Morocco, and tomorrow she will board a flight from Paris to Casablanca to continue the mission.

Her family members aspire to come to Casablanca to assist her in the mission, but such a step will be possible when the directives in Morocco allow foreign nationals to land in the country.

The family members say that they were amazed to see how the mother from France also ran the mission factories in Casablanca – she took care of Torah lessons and minyanim, according to the Corona’s instructions, organized the operation of the mikveh from a distance and more.

Photo: Chabad Archive in Morocco, Elbaz Bébert

Now, as stated, she is alone in continuing to run the institutions she managed together with her late husband.

It should be noted that as in other countries, also in Morocco the corona status varies from day to day, and the guidelines vary accordingly.

These days, on the one hand the flight to Casablanca is allowed and probably in the next few days the sky will close again, and on the other hand recently traffic restrictions have been imposed on eight cities including Casablanca, so it is not possible to leave the city for other cities.

But all these difficulties do not deter the shliach that came out 60 years ago on the shliach of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, only ten days after her wedding…


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