Everything you need to know about the Naturalist in Red Dead Online!


The Naturalist is the fifth role added to Red Dead Online. If you want to know more about the other roles, read our articles about the Bounty Hunter, Collector, Trader and Moonshiner!

How do I start as a Naturalist?

To begin your adventure as a Naturalist, you will need to travel to the village of Strawberry, in the hills of West Elizabeth. There you will be received by researcher Harriet Davenport at the Visitor Center of Strawberry. The woman will want to convince you to start the noble profession and learn from the behavior of animals, instead of chasing them.

The conversation will soon be interrupted by Gus MacMillan, a hunter who is retired nowadays, but makes a living working with animal skins. He will try to convince you not to listen to her Harriet and hunt down the most exotic animals in the Wild West so that he can then make clothes and accessories for you. Fortunately, you will not have to answer immediately and you can let your behavior speak for you in the career as a Naturalist. For that you will only have to pull the wallet before Harriet will give you an Animal Guide Book. This handy one tool will cost you 25 gold bars.

What can I do as a Naturalist?

Once you have transferred the amount to Harriet and you have recovered from the fiery discussion, you can immediately start working as a Naturalist. In the first phase of your career it is especially important to study the local fauna and to complete your Animal Guide Book. The information will mainly be about animals that you are probably already familiar with, such as deer, bears, cougars and various bird species. You can collect the information by shooting the relevant animals or having them sleep with them sedative ammo which you can buy at Harriet. You can only do this with the latter method samples obtain the animals.

Of samples which you collect you can then sell to Harriet and she will give you a stamp in your Animal Guide Book. If you have a complete category full of stamps – sorted by the different ones habitats – then you can hand in those stamps for experience points.

From Rank 5 onwards, the Naturalist only becomes a lot more interesting. At that moment you will get access to Legendary Animals missions in Harriet’s camp. These legendary animals can also appear during Naturalist Free Roam Events and during special circumstances. For example, you can find the Legendary Sun Gator more often on foggy mornings. However, it will not be easy to study these animals, so go well prepared and take the right ones tools along.

What do I get as a Naturalist?

While Harriet Davenport will not appreciate killing animals for their skins – and killing too many animals she will spray you with an intoxicating perfume – but it is ultimately a good way to get benefits from the Naturalist role. By chasing legendary animals and taking the skins to Gus, you can buy special clothes, accessories and trinkets collect exclusive to the Naturalist.

In addition, you will of course also unlock upgrades during your Naturalist career. So you can do different tonics use while hunting animals, you can better track and the ability to heal injured animals or relieve them from their suffering. You will also unlock different variants of the Gypsy Cob, an exclusive horse for the Naturalist. The last variant you get at Rank 20 and it has no less than maximum health, maximum stamina and eight speed. Not the fastest horse in Red Dead Online, but there is nothing else to complain about. An extremely good addition to any horse stable.

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