Even with an average income, there are very few houses for sale in Utrecht


It has become even more difficult for home buyers with an average income to find a home in Utrecht compared to a year ago. A single home buyer with an average income is only eligible for 1.5 percent of the total housing supply. This is evident from calculations by De Hypotheker.

The housing crisis is still ongoing and the situation in Utrecht is fully in line with this. The situation is particularly bad for singles with an average income. Only 4.7 percent of the total housing supply in the Netherlands is still available for this income group, compared to 6.3 percent a year ago.

Especially in the big cities, the chance of finding a home is very small. In Utrecht (1.5 percent) and Eindhoven (1.8 percent), for example, it is almost impossible to get a home, while in the large cities in particular, many single people are looking for a house. In Rotterdam, single people with an average income still have the best chance of a home: almost 5 percent is available to them in this city.

Double earners

Although two-income households with an average income have more opportunities to find a home in the Netherlands, the prospects for them have also deteriorated in the past year. A year ago, a couple with an average income was eligible for 35 percent of the total housing supply: now it is 32 percent. But in Utrecht the figures are a lot worse; 17.2 percent of the housing supply is available for a couple with an average income.

Due to the corona crisis, the housing supply is increasing slightly and based on the number of mortgage applications, the position of the start-up seems to be slowly improving slightly.

However, compared to last year, the position of the large group of middle incomes in the Netherlands has deteriorated further. “It is worrying that the opportunities for middle-income homebuyers have not improved. In fact, the position of single home buyers in particular is virtually hopeless in some provinces, while this group of home seekers is only growing ”, says Michel van den Akker, chairman of the board of De Hypotheker.


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