Even today: about a thousand demonstrators took part in a protest in front of the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem


About a thousand demonstrators gathered in the afternoon (Friday) to protest in front of the prime minister’s residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem. The demonstrators waved signs that read “there is no situation”, “we came to expel darkness”, “want democracy, not dictatorship” and more.

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Ali Brock, one of the speakers on stage, opened his remarks with a greeting “Good afternoon to the anarchists of the country.” He added: “A man who creates anarchy here is called ‘The Corrupt from Balfour’, and we say to him ‘Bibi home, Bibi home’. So we are asked what you want? We do not want bribery, fraud and breach of trust.”

Uri Nachman, one of the organizers, called on the demonstrators: “Take off your masks for a moment, smell the corruption. Bibi is the silver platter of the Israeli mafia. Only yesterday your son incited against our dear friends.”

Actor Tomer Sharon said at the demonstration: “Today we don’t have to talk much. I want to say that we are not violent, we defend ourselves against violence. We run away from those who beat us. We do not shoot. We need to be apprehended.”

Actress Orna Banai also took part in the demonstration: “We are the people of Israel, not anarchists. We are tired of the lies. Corruption has become legitimate here and shame is dead. The mafia that sits there in power, what courage it has, which cries out for incitement against the prime minister, his wife and his bitch. It only hurts and we cry out from the depths of our bleeding souls. ”

Singer Ahinoam Nini also arrived and spoke before singing to the protesters: “We are here together, determined to bring change to the State of Israel. We must start with Mr. Netanyahu giving his place to someone clean-handed. Then we will start building the country from its ruins. I do not see hatred here. But people’s responsibility. ”

Last night, about 2,000 people demonstrated against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Paris Square near the residence, while several dozen of his supporters protested. Most of the protesters dispersed around 11pm, after police asked them to leave the venue and announced that it was an illegal demonstration. Towards midnight the junction opens to traffic.

Simultaneously with the protest, about 100 activists of the La Familia organization gathered in the station compound, pushed a Channel 13 photographer to the floor and threw stones at a vehicle in which Arabs were traveling. Eight of them were arrested or detained for questioning. Activists later tried to reach the protesters in Balfour, but were stopped by YSM police.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck, and arrested 16 people on suspicion of disorderly conduct.


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