Even more infections in Suriname; two employees tested positive at Melkcentrale and EBS in Suriname


Reshma Mangre, a Surinamese woman who has worked her way up from teacher, to board member of the union and later union president. Nowadays mangre is also a member of parliament, where she holds the position of chair of the standing committee of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

IMangre indicates that there is no conflict of interest between her position as DNA member and chair of the BVL / ALS. On the contrary, from her position in DNA she can do better union work. She can achieve much more for the teachers in Suriname, she emphasizes.

The intention was that within her unions, this month, would be board elections. Due to the Covid-19 situation, this will not take place for the time being. No meetings have been held for quite some time.
When the decision is made to hold elections, she will determine whether she stands for re-election.

The decision of the Ministry of Education to restart the schools on October 1 has been in consultation with the BVL / ALS, Mangre said. She is also positive about Minister Marie Levens.



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