Eupen is doing well abroad with the transfer of Adriano – Voetbalnieuws


“Is it about the Adriano of Barcelona !?” Astonishment everywhere when we read KAS Eupen’s transfer announcement on Wednesday evening. But it is really true: the left back who won the Champions League twice with Barça plays ‘am Kehrweg’ this season.

People abroad were also somewhat surprised when the transfer news trickled through there. “Belgian low flyer creates enormous transfer stunt with Adriano capture”, headlined the Dutch Football International.

Divine Canary

And it is a stunt. The Brazilian contributed to two final victories for Barça in the Champions League and has almost twenty caps for Brazil to his name, knowing that a certain Marcelo also has a Brazilian passport …

The transfer was also picked up by other foreign media such as Mundo Deportivo. They are not used to so much media attention in the East Cantons …


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