Erel Margalit to Macron: “Israeli high-tech is ready to mobilize and provide immediate assistance to Lebanon”


The high-tech entrepreneur, chairman and founder of the JVP Foundation, Erel Margalit, today addressed French President Emanuel Macron, who is on his way to visit the disaster zone in Lebanon, and asked him to convey a message to the country’s leadership. Technological assistance in detecting and locating survivors, treatment of water and food infrastructure, establishment of advanced field hospitals, medical equipment and introduction of podtech technology to treat the food crisis.

In his remarks to President Makron, Margalit emphasized: “I would like you to convey the message to the Lebanese leadership that the neighboring state of Israel wants to help Lebanon in its most difficult time. This is our way.” President Macron replied that the message of assistance, help and solidarity from the top high-tech from Israel is important and that he intends to pass it on to the Lebanese leadership during his visit.


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