Era Howe over after eight years: longest-serving Premier League manager leaves


The Eddie Howe era officially ended on Saturday. After the Premier League relegation, both sides have decided to end the partnership after nearly eight years, The Cherries announce.

42-year-old Howe had previously saved Bournemouth from relegation from professional football, re-joined in October 2012 and promoted to the Premier League with his club three years later. Bournemouth managed to maintain itself at the highest level for five years, but went down on Sunday: despite being a 1-3 win at Everton The Cherries ended below the graduation line.

The until recently longest serving manager at a Premier League club has now reached his conclusions. “I spent 25 years here as a player and as a manager, so this was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made. I will always love this club, but we all felt it was better for everyone to move in a different direction, ”Howe said in an open letter. “Every decision I ever made as a manager had to be in the interest of the club. That certainly also applies to this one. ”

After Bournemouth’s relegation, Sean Dyche already took over the title of ‘longest-serving manager’ from Howe. Burnley’s boss was also appointed to his current employer in October 2012.


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