End of the F *** ing World producer doesn’t get a BAFTA statue and is furious | Entertainment


The Netflix hit was recently honored with a BAFTA TV Award for Best Drama Series. Buchanan, who worked on the project for eight years, couldn’t be happier with the award. “I was in shock, I had to cry; an eight-year personal journey for this project and our series wins a BAFTA. I won a BAFTA! My name is on TV with the winners. ”

Despite the joy, Buchanan found out that he was not going to receive a BAFTA statue for the feat, however. The rules dictate that the statue only goes to the four names mentioned on the form. In this case they were writers Charlie Covell, Director Lucy Forbes, producer Jenny Frayn en executive producer Ed Macdonald.

Winner Certificate

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Buchanan continues. “They did not even allow me to buy a counterfeit variant. I might not have won this prestigious BAFTA that I had apparently won. Oh, but I could buy a winner’s certificate instead if I wanted to. ”

Buchanan says he writes his letter “like a winner who feels like a loser. I don’t want to come across as ungrateful, especially with what’s happening in the world right now. But I did want to tell my truth because I was really broken. ”

In a response, the BAFTA organization says that the production team determines whose name will be on the winners form. In 2018 and 2019, Buchanan’s name was also not on the list. The organization says it is looking at how this could possibly be adjusted in the future.


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