Ellie Lust undergoes metamorphosis of Nikkie de Jager


Metamorphosis isn’t the only thing Ellie and Nikkie have an eye for. The two talk honestly about Pride Week and how Nikkie’s coming out went. “It was sometimes very dark,” she says. “It was very scary. I really thought moments: it is no longer necessary.” In the end, the YouTuber decided to say she is transgender. “It has brought me freedom and a lot less stress in my life.”

Moreover, it was quite difficult for Nikkie to hide that she was not born as a woman. For example, she talked ‘about menstrual pain’. “Then I said, oh yes, it’s always so bad,” she explains to Ellie. “I always thought: this is not correct, this is not quite right.” Ellie says that she ‘never doubted’ whether she is a boy or a girl, but that she has a lot of respect for Nikkie. “You saved lives,” she tells the vlogger.

Nikkie starred last season Who is the mole?, but had to leave the game early due to the death of her brother. It now seems that she will have a second chance. You can see why in the video below.


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