Elections on the way? Deri tries to bridge, the ultimatum of Torah Judaism


The ultra-Orthodox parties are trying to prevent elections, and are currently conducting mediation attempts between the Likud and Blue and White regarding the approval of the budget. Torah Judaism made it clear that if the annual budget leads to an election, the faction will oppose it. In addition, the ultra-Orthodox party opposes a bill by the Derech Eretz faction, according to which the deadline for submitting the budget must be postponed.

Deputy Minister Uri Maklev of Torah Judaism told Maariv today (Tuesday): “We still support Netanyahu on the issue of the annual budget, but not at the cost of elections. We will do everything we can to prevent this, we are working to preserve the coalition. Israel. “We need a budget immediately, but we will not support a budget that will lead to an election. If an annual budget leads to an election, we will not support it, if they bring a law to postpone the deadline for submitting the budget, we will not be partners in it.”

Uri Maklev (Photo: Miriam Elster, Flash 90)

In the Shas sector, the party’s chairman, Minister Aryeh Deri, refrained from publicly stockpiling or conveying angry messages in the direction of Prime Minister Netanyahu. However, in closed conversations he estimates that we are on the way to elections. His associates say that in recent weeks he has been constantly working to bridge the gap between Netanyahu and Ganz, to bring about a compromise and to prevent elections.

Shas chairman Deri said last night in an interview with News 12: “I said today to both the prime minister and Gantz – the people of Israel will never forgive us if we go to the polls. I try in every way to find compromise and solutions. We have worked hard to form this government, it cannot be dismantled. I do not know a right-wing government of 61 seats these days, no one has spoken to me about such a thing. We have a good government and I will do my best to keep it. ‘

As you may recall, both the Likud and Blue and White insist on their position. The Likud continues to promote an annual budget, while Gantz’s party insists on a budget for 2021. Blue and white chairman Bnei Gantz convened a closed faction meeting yesterday. According to participants in the discussion, Gantz said that his party “does not give up on the budget issue.” “Gantz also met separately this week with the leaders of the Torah Judaism Party, Minister Yaakov Litzman and MK Moshe Gafni, in an attempt to resolve the coalition crisis over the budget, but the meetings ended without agreement,” it was reported. Last night here 11.


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