Elderly people will be able to continue to pay in cash on buses


The Ministry of Transportation announces that a compromise has been reached in the dispute between the bus drivers and the public transport operators regarding the payment in cash.

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As will be recalled, the Minister of Transportation, Miri Regev, instructed that payment be made in cash to the elderly, the disabled or residents of Judea and Samaria. However, some drivers refused to comply with the order for fear of being infected in Corona.

According to the outline of the settlement between the parties, the drivers will collect cash from the passengers, by using two dedicated storage containers – in the first, the passengers will leave the money; And the second – will include the money that will be given as a surplus (and which will come from the bus company), and the travel tickets. At the end of the journey, drivers will be able to collect the accumulated funds and deposit them in the company’s box office.

Minister of Transportation and Road Safety Miri Regev said: “Move a big line to the elderly public and residents of Judea and Samaria, who can continue to use public transport in the shadow of the corona as it exists in all sectors of the economy. I am happy with the agreements and send warm congratulations to the drivers of public transportation, in which I see the main resource of the public transportation system for the benefit of the citizens of Israel. ”

Disinfecting Dan’s bus Photo: Moti Kimhi


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