Eldad Cohen – every summer


We all remember Eldad Cohen (30) well after he entered our hearts when he performed the song “Nothing is Tasty” by Keren Peles in “The Next Star”.

As you may recall, the reactions to the different and special performance were so enthusiastic, that he also came out as an official single for radio, was a huge success on YouTube, exploded on social media and entered the full playlist of Galgalatz and marched in the parade for about two months.

After the huge success of the cover, Cohen decided to take advantage of and maximize the huge hug he received from the audience, to set out on an independent path and release original materials that he composes himself. In the first phase, he is a friend of creator Noam Horev, who will manage the project artistically and write the texts, and this morning he is releasing “Every Summer,” the first swallow out of the intriguing project.

“Every Summer” is an exciting ballad produced by Gilad Shmueli (Idan Raichel, Rita, Idan Amadi, Idan Habib, Keren Peles and more), and definitely emphasizes Eldad’s ability to serve and compose. The song is accompanied by a clip, to which Eldad and his ex-partner were photographed, and it authentically describes the story of their relationship

Later in the year, according to Eldad and his people, an intriguing duet with Keren Peles is also planned, which naturally became a kind of mentor for the young singer. “In the last few months I have embarked on a new and exciting musical path,” says Eldad. Great, a sea of ​​emotion and lots of new songs. ”

“Throughout the work process, I tried to pour into my work everything I went through in life. To be the most real, and most importantly – to give a place in my songs to that child from Netivot, who walked around with the guitar, and waited for someone to listen to him,” says Eldad.


You left me in the summer, outside thirty-six
All my friends then went down to the sea
I was left waiting for you on a bench like a fool
Because you said you would come back and you never came back

So I smoked like a locomotive to make the pain go away
How in the name of love do people do nonsense
And your sad words scratched my heart
You’re the one who’s confused and I have no time for mistakes

And since every summer it comes back to me slowly
I remember how I became almost addicted to this loneliness
How God played at night and everyone went out dancing
So I sat without you because I could not stand

You left me in the summer, outside thirty-six
I smiled most of the time so they could not see
Only at night did my songs absorb all the fire
And there was no rain to hide the tears

And life on automatic, I press buttons
And if anyone comes, I’m afraid you’re leaving
And it’s heavy for me, it’s heavy for me, help me lift
How much longing can a man carry?

WordsNoam Horev melodyEldad Cohen Musical arrangement and production: Gilad Shmueli


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