Elbit’s JHMCS II helmet is being tested on F16-V aircraft


Elbit Systems announced this week that the JHMCS II pilot helmet, the newest company in JHMCS ‘product family, is being tested on F-16V flights after completing safety tests for the helmet.

These tests are part of the U.S. Air Force Military Flight Approval Process for F-16V customers, a critical milestone indicating that the aircraft and its subsystems met performance, safety, reliability, and maintenance criteria.

The JHMCS II incorporates significant new technological advances using the technological heritage of previous helmets from this family. It includes symbolic language projected on the mirror, optical / inertial sensor and overhead years, which use visual marking and direction for advanced weapons, avionics and sensors. Day display module and night display module allow the Elbit 4994 Series Night Vision (NVG) system to provide symbolic language in all flight conditions, with the pilot having the ability to fly with one hand.

As the official official helmet-mounted (HMD) display of F-16V and F-16s, the JHMCS II helmet has already been selected by a number of international clients. In addition, versions of the JHMCS II have been selected by other air forces around the world to equip a wide range of fighter jets. More than 6,000 such helmets have been supplied to dozens of countries. It is manufactured and supplied by Collins Elbit Vision Systems, a joint venture of Collins Aerospace and Elbit Systems America.

Raanan Horowitz, President and CEO of Elbit Systems America, stated that “JHMCS II is designed to increase lethality, mission effectiveness and pilot safety. The helmet’s improved center of gravity reduces neck tension, which increases the pilot’s safety and comfort. “


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