El El El El Ezekiel. 1: 5 to Ashdod against Bnei Yehuda in the Toto Cup with a quartet of Ezekiel


The Toto Cup or not The Toto Cup, MS Ashdod and Bnei Yehuda, which met in Bloomfield as part of the second round of the factory stage, were looking for their first victory. Both were defeated in the previous round and there is something in the premiere win ahead of the upcoming season. Two ran and one took. Sagiv Yehezkel with a quartet, all in the second half, won the game for Ashdod – 1: 5.

After 4 minutes of football, Bnei Yehuda took the lead. The brakeman Svetokevich lost a ball and Bnei Yehuda took advantage of it to the goal of Roali Ben Shimon, the young striker – 0: 1 to the hosts. In the 17th minute, a touch by Magen Bnei Yehuda in the box did not receive a referee from Snir Levy. A minute later Ashdod could have equalized, but Yehezkel missed closely (hint… will not miss any more. Wait for the sequel). , Medium half with a one-goal advantage over Bnei Yehuda.

Goalkeeper Roy Mishpati in good ball clearance.

Ashdod brought in 3 players in the second half in order to score. Roi Gordana, Shlomi Azulai and Adji Hayford. It almost succeeded on the part of defender Tom Ben Zaken who kicked a free kick in the 50th minute from about twenty meters to the goalpost of Bnei Yehuda. Ashdod continued the pressure and it came 4 minutes later. Then began the “concerto” for a ball and a striker of Sagiv Yehezkel. Ashdod in the new season.

Ashdod with the changes it made dominated the second half and sought a decision. In the 72nd minute she also scored, with the beautiful goal in the game, and beautiful regardless of any game. Shlomi Azulai found Sagiv Yehezkel in an artist ball who scored his and Ashdod’s second. 1: 2 justified for Ashdod. In the 75th minute, Haifa Svetkovich made a mistake in the first goal. Cezno lost a white ball to Shimon Kovesh, the goal for Bnei Yehuda, who galloped to the Ashdod goal and Svetkovich excelled and prevented an equalizer.

But it was the day of El El Ezekiel. In fact we will add more to. El El El Ezekiel. In the 75th minute, he scored his third, which was also Ashdod’s third to make it 1: 3. Shlomi Azulai added a goal in the 85th minute after Alabi snatched a ball from the Bnei Yehuda defense – 1: 4. A moment we said to El El Ezekiel? Sorry add one. In the 90th minute, Yehezkel scored his fourth of the game and Ashdod’s fifth. A huge victory for Ashdod and a defeat to Bnei Yehuda 1: 5.

Mistake in the first half, correction in the second. Foreign brake Svetkovich.

Ashdod MS: Mishpati, Ben Zaken (Cezno, 62), Barada, Svetkovich, Kamhani, Abu Aqel (Gordana, 46), Bilu (Azulai, 46), Canaan, Alabi, Yehezkel, David (Hayford, 46 – injured , Moassi, 72)

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