Eight missing US Marines believed to have died in accident NOW


On Sunday, the United States Navy discontinued its search for seven Marines and the skipper of a sunken amphibious assault vehicle. The Navy assumes they are no longer alive.

The Navy says there is “only a very small chance” that the missing seven Marines and the skipper are still alive. After a search of more than forty hours, it was decided on Sunday to stop the operation, the navy reports via Twitter.

The vehicle sank on Thursday during a training off the coast of the California island of San Clemente.

The vehicle will still be searched for salvage. The Navy has launched an investigation into the accident.

During the incident, a total of 16 people were on board the vehicle. Seven Marines have been rescued and the body of one crew member has been recovered. Two of the rescued Marines were hospitalized in critical condition. The other eight occupants are still missing.


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