Eigen Huis & Tuin returns in a new form | NOW


Barely four months after RTL announced Own House and Garden can no longer be produced in its current form, it was announced in a press release on Monday that a new format will be made: Own Home & Garden: Good Life. Froukje de Both presents the program that can be seen every working day on RTL 4 from the end of August.

The presenter will be supported in this by permanent chef Hugo Kennis and a team of ‘experts’ including gardener Tom Groot, who also appeared in the previous format.

De Both says in the press release that she thinks it is “incredibly nice” that she can present this program. “It’s a format that suits me very well,” said the presenter. “I have had a great affinity with interior and living for years and I am always looking for inspiration with regard to everything to do with ‘good living’ in and around the house.” She can’t wait to get started “with a great team.”

Program director Peter van der Vorst also says “he is pleased with the strong brand Own Home & Garden in a new daily version to be able to return to RTL 4 “.” The program perfectly meets the needs of our viewers: practical tips in the field of living, lifestyle, gardening and cooking with which you can immediately start working on those way to make your life more fun and healthier. An inspiring and delicious start to our evening! ”

Own Home & Garden: Good Life can be seen every working day at 5 p.m. from 31 August on RTL 4.


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