Education Committee for the Speaker of the Knesset: boycott of the debate by Galant – contempt


The appeal by members of the Education Committee comes following Galant’s request earlier this week to postpone for the third time the discussion regarding the outline he presented for the opening of the 2012 school year in the shadow of the Corona spread. The hearing was initially scheduled for July 27 and was postponed twice at the Ministry of Education’s request.

Galant, who initially announced that he would not be attending the debate and returned to it, recently presented an outline for returning to school centered on splitting classes and relying on distance learning. The committee argued that this was an incomplete program full of guys, and therefore the discussion should be convened.

In a letter sent to committee members, Galant attacked committee chairman MK Ram Shefa (blue and white) and claimed he had not coordinated the hearing with him and his office. Shefa, for his part, claimed that the committee had agreed to postpone the hearing twice, but “Minister Galant just does not want to attend.”

In a letter to committee members, Galant wrote that this is a traditional meeting in which preparations for the school year are presented. According to the minister, “According to the practice, this meeting is coordinated with the minister and the CEO and there is a dialogue between the parties regarding the date of its existence.” On the other hand, committee chairman Shefa claimed that the committee had been in contact with the minister’s office and chief of staff in recent weeks.


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