Editor of a newspaper affiliated with Hezbollah: Reaction against Israel is un …


Ibrahim Alamin, the editor-in-chief of the Lebanese newspaper Al-Khabar, who is close to Hezbollah, wrote this morning (Thursday) about the explosion in Beirut and referred to tensions in the north. “Israel should be concerned, Hezbollah will avenge the blood of its operative killed in Syria despite the explosion,” he wrote. “The resistance (Hezbollah, GA) is not afraid of war.” It was reported yesterday that the IDF had decided to maintain a high level of alert in the north.

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In a column published under the headline: “Gambling of 2005 and 2006 Repeats – Inside and Out,” Alamin wrote: “The American and carried out a devastating attack in the country – assumes today that Hezbollah is in trouble in Lebanon.”

IDF alert in the north | Photo: David Cohen, Flash 90

“The enemy (Israel, GA), in his army and in his diplomatic behavior, is wrong in calling for resistance,” he continued. “Those who are betting that the explosion at the port will cause Hezbollah to cancel its plans to respond to the active assassination in Syria.”

They think the opposition is in trouble, and she needs someone to provide her with a ladder to get off the tree, but those same officials will find that the response from Hezbollah is inevitable. It will be a blood-curdling reaction to the occupying forces, and its purpose is to punish and deter. ”

Alamin concluded: “Israel believes that Hezbollah does not want a large-scale war and they see it as a weakness – but that is their mistake. The resistance does not want a war, but it also does not want the small battles between the wars, the outcome of which is not similar to the war. “, Which managed to establish the balance of deterrence for four decades, is also ready for a war in which Israel will pay a price it can not imagine.”

Disaster in a Lebanese capital port
The destruction in Beirut after the explosion | Photo: AP
Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon
The destruction in Beirut after the explosion | Photo: Reuters

It was reported last night that the IDF continues to maintain high alert on the northern border, even though Hezbollah is at a low point in terms of public support and is not sure that it is available for an offensive move against Israel. In the country, during the IDF assessment of the situation, Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi ordered that vigilance be maintained, and another situation assessment is expected today.

Rescue forces in the Lebanese capital continue to work to locate casualties trapped under the rubble. The death toll is rising and so far over 140 people have been killed and the number of wounded has reached 5,000. About 250,000 city residents were forced to leave their homes as a result of the heavy damage caused to them.


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