Edition pajot: Corona actions in catering establishments: ZENNEVALLEI police zone in plain clothes


It has now been almost two months since catering establishments were able to reopen under certain conditions. In recent weeks, the Zennevallei police zone received various reports from citizens that certain catering establishments were not complying with these conditions. In order to more effectively monitor the applicable conditions for catering establishments in times of a recurrence of the Coronavirus, the local Zennevallei police zone has decided to organize a number of actions in plain clothes in the coming weeks.

Results of the first control action

On Tuesday, August 4, 2020, a first action took place in which plainclothes police visited a number of hard-leather catering establishments on the Zennevallei territory (Beersel, Halle and Sint-Pieters-Leeuw) that were informed that they would not comply with the applicable Corona measures. . The anonymous checks ensured that different infringements could be found in three pubs.

The main violations were the incorrect wearing of the mouth mask by the hall staff and the customers leaving the seat for no valid reason. Several official reports were drawn up against the offenders. In addition, two catering operators received a first written warning with a view to temporarily closing their business in the event of a possible subsequent infringement. In the municipality of Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, a catering establishment was the object of a violation for the second time in one week. After a previous written notice, the mayor imposed a temporary two-week closure.

In total, no fewer than six catering outlets and one night shop in the Zennevallei territory now also risk having such a temporary closure imposed, as a number of cases also received a first warning during earlier checks this week.

Not only the catering industry is monitored

Because any breach of the measures imposed by the government poses a risk of further spread of the Corona virus, the next planned actions in plain clothes will not only focus on catering businesses. The Zennevallei police zone will also patrol in plainclothes in the coming weeks around businesses, for example, and in areas where the mask is compulsory to wear.

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06 aug 2020

Marc Sluys

Marc Sluys



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