Eden Rotberg will play for Maccabi Urban Raj


Maccabi Urban Raj signed Eden Rotberg (22, 1.68 m), the Israeli queen of baskets in the women’s Premier League last season in the Elitzur Ramla uniform.

Rothberg averaged 12.5 points, 2.7 rebounds and 2 assists. During the break, Rothberg also had several offers to move to play in Europe, but she eventually decided to stay in Israel. Rothberg joins Tal Lev, Shay Madison, Kayla Hillsman, Natisha Heidman, Idan Shelush and Tamar Bargel on the RJ squad.

Immediately after the signing, Rotberg said: “I am very happy to join Maccabi Urbani Ramat Gan, a multi-rights club in the women’s Premier League, which always strives for the top. I am sure we will achieve and wish the team and me great success.”

Ora Glazer, chairman of Maccabi Ramat Gan, added: “I am very happy to have Eden Rotberg join. Beyond her high professional abilities, she brings with her a special character with a lot of commitment. I am sure that he would fit in well with the group and help lead us to the highest level of achieving the professional goals and objectives we have set for ourselves. “


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