Edelstein: We were able to stem the rise in morbidity, but not enough


The Prime Minister also addressed the economic crisis following the epidemic, as well as the political crisis in the coalition surrounding the budget approval. “We are working endlessly on very focused and very successful steps. There is still a distance, but we can overcome the bulk of the economic crisis,” he said. “We need to inject money into the budget for a maximum of four months. We do not know what the global picture will look like.”

He said, “We need to move a short-term budget and streamline the economy. Later we will have a budget for the year to come. We can not commit to a budget of a year and a half, it is irresponsible.” Netanyahu clarified that “I do not gift the budget transfer for political reasons. The government should not fall, it does not need elections – the budget can pass tomorrow.”

Earlier, Netanyahu and Edelstein toured the Corona Control and Control Center at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer, and then held a discussion with Corona projector Prof. Roni Gamzo and other senior officials.


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