Edelstein: There is no need for closure on weekends


Edelstein at Wolfson Hospital (Photo: Shlomi Yosef)

Against the background of the renewed rise in coronary heart disease, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein visited the Wolfson Medical Center this morning (Tuesday), where members of the hospital’s management met. At the end of the visit, Edelstein now makes a statement to the media in which he is expected to address the morbidity data.

“I thank all the medical teams for the work they do, certainly in the challenging days we are going through,” he said. “About two weeks ago we achieved a nice achievement of adding 550 standards to the health system. As you know, a signed agreement usually goes a long way – but I am happy to say that today hospitals will receive letters about the number of new standards each will receive. “That it does not meet the needs of the health system, the erosion and the teams that are in isolation must also be taken into account. We will continue to fight for further strengthening of the health system.”

“Yesterday we held a meeting in the Corona Cabinet ahead of another discussion to be held tomorrow. Ministry of Health Director General Hezi and Projector Roni Gamzo will formulate an outline for the steps we will need to take to continue the positive trend. We have managed to stop the rise for the time being, but we will not be able to continue at this rate of morbidity – so we must now lower the curve. There will be recommendations on how to do this, we will try very hard to introduce uniform criteria in the various industries – and get rid of the remnants of the previous guidelines. There is no need for a closure on weekends, except to disturb the public, it does nothing. “

(Photo: Shlomi Yosef)

“All of these things depend on the behavior of the Israeli public,” he clarified. “We see a lot of improvement, there are a lot of positive examples alongside the negative stories. But the scandalous story of a corona patient fleeing and traveling abroad only makes it difficult for us. I call on all citizens – even if you think the guidelines are difficult and the isolation unnecessary – to abide by the rules. “

In summary he referred to the attacks heard on the Corona projector. “These attacks are probably due to political factors, and of course it is anonymous, in accordance with what is customary in our districts,” he said. I say clearly: we are together in this struggle. Any attempt to pass the buck on to someone else will fail. Let’s stop trying to put the blame on each other. I give full responsibility to Roni Gamzo, and only together will we be able to stop the virus. “

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Dr. Anat Engel, director of Wolfson Hospital, said in response that “We thank the Minister of Health who came to Wolfson Medical Center and saw what is happening now in the field, met and listened to all the staff. “The minister and his assistance are very significant and important to the patients of Wolfson Hospital, some of whom are a very elderly population and with many risk factors.”

The Silvan Adams International Children’s Hospital is about to open this year and was built thanks to the Ministry of Health and the “Shadow of a Child’s Heart” association is going to be a “game changer” here in the area in terms of innovative and advanced medicine given to children and children in the world. at all. The team at Wolfson is proud to be part of the strong health care system in the State of Israel and to provide the best care in routine and emergency days. “

According to the Ministry of Health, 1,801 new corona patients were registered yesterday, along with another 270 who were diagnosed today at midnight. Despite this, the number of active patients is declining and now stands at 24,764 patients compared to 49,763 recovering patients.

The condition of 139 of the patients was defined as moderate, and 349 patients are in a serious condition – of which 97 are respirators. At the same time the number of victims has risen in the last 8 days and now stands at 554 since the beginning of the plague. Last night, 22,396 corona tests were performed, with the percentage of verified cases out of all tests standing at 8.4 percent.

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