Edelstein: “I got water here so far because of hatred for the ultra-Orthodox in everything”


Against the background of the media outcry against the Ministry of Health for formulating an outline for the entry of thousands of students from abroad, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein claimed in an interview with the Ofira and Berkowitz program on News 12 that the program does not only include ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students.

The Minister explained what is behind the plan: “I am really starting after many deliberations, two months of discussions with the Immigration Authority and all the professional staff in the ministry. I am opening up the possibility for those institutions where there are students from abroad and who have the possibility of being isolated in boarding schools. ”

Minister Edelstein emphasized that most of those who enter the country as part of the outline formulated are not ultra-Orthodox at all.

“It’s like a ‘journey’ program in which thousands of young people come to Israel, or a ‘superior’ program designed for thousands of high school students, students at all universities, students in yeshivot and seder yeshivot, the students and yeshivot are just some of the thousands who enter the country.

He added: “It is a pity that I do not have the phone here to show you the congratulations I received from the chairman of the agency, from the Na’ala program, ‘Thank you very much for saving Zionism, for saving the institutions.’ The next day I open the newspaper and see a huge headline 17,000 students to Israel, a success of Deri and Litzman, I’m tired of it. I’m just tired, it’s anti-Semitism for its own sake, people who write all this know better than you and me, they do these things on purpose. ”

The Minister of Health claimed that this was anti-Semitism: “I came to this point because of hatred towards the ultra-Orthodox in everything. It really smells to me that these Jews are spreading diseases, I have no other explanation. ”

Critics of the program have tried to argue that only yeshiva students should be required to be isolated. “They will all do isolation,” he clarified.

As for the reports that the students will be in “short isolation,” the minister said that it is not true: “Whoever wrote these things is a criminal.”

Deputy Finance Minister Itzik Cohen also referred this morning, in an interview with Kalman Liebskind and Assaf Lieberman on Network B, to the decision to allow foreign students to enter the country and said that in his opinion, if this could endanger the public – then not approve their entry.

“These are yeshiva students who study in Israel, like foreign students, the issue is still under discussion. If a decision is made – everything will be according to the rules, with isolation and testing. “

He added: “If it is possible to get healthy people to the country, where their study center is located, and without endangering them and others, I was going to allow it. If it is dangerous, or could endanger someone – then do not accept them. “

Corona’s project manager, Prof. Roni Gamzo, said this morning in an interview with the network that the deportation of foreign students who did not meet the isolation conditions would be considered, in response to the government’s decision to allow 16,000 students and yeshiva students to enter Israel.

“I tell the heads of the institutions – whether it is meetings or universities – anyone who comes and is supposed to be in the capsule and will not keep the capsule, we will have to take steps towards the institution and maybe towards that one.”


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