Economist Geert Noels argues for ‘Operation Open Air’: “Done …


Just as the event sector today is sounding the alarm for the umpteenth time with the social media campaign #soundofsilence, economist Geert Noels is arguing in favor of working on an ‘Operation Open Air.’ “Why can we sit on a full train with face masks, but not watch a sports match in the open air?”

“We shouldn’t do it if the virus doesn’t exist. But there is so much we can do that is currently not allowed, ”says Noels. On Monday he pleaded for Operation Openlucht on Twitter. By this he means that according to him many events could be organized in the open air, which are currently not allowed. “We can all be on a full train. But in the open air, with sufficient distance between, can’t we watch a sports match or open air theater? I can’t get out. It must be over with unnecessary hurting ”, he clarifies. “It’s time we started using our common sense.”

According to him, strict limits on the number of attendees at such events are not necessary. “As long as there is sufficient distance, and if necessary with face masks, so much can be organized. Why do we have to harass those sectors so much? It could be said that the culture and events sector complains every day, but these are people who really have the knife to the throat, ”says Noels.

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Sports competitions should also be possible again, according to him. “The pros will manage to get out. But what about youth tournaments, for example. Why can’t they be organized? And why not Ten Miles in Antwerp or other sporting events? Stick to the essential rules and you can do so much. ”

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The same goes for the schools, says Noels. “Teaching digitally again? That idea has been completely ripped off. That will have a huge impact. For some it will work, but many will end up with a learning gap. In this way we will create a lost generation. ” According to him, this open-air principle can also be applied to schools. “Teach outside or open all windows if necessary so that there is sufficient ventilation. That is certainly possible until mid-October. And when the weather gets worse, we’ll see how far we get. Let us start with this. ”


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