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EA Sports has released a new trailer FIFA 21 Ultimate Team officially presented. In addition, the developer also lets you know that you no longer have to worry about fitness items and training items in your card packs. After all, they disappear from the game.

Fitness items in particular have long been a thorn in the side of many players. After all, throughout the season you were obliged to use it to keep your players fit. However, many FIFA players saw this as a punishment for using their best players and a cheap way for EA to fill card packs.

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According to EA, the original purpose of fitness was “to encourage you to rotate with your team and introduce some form of management into the game”. However, the fan base saw it differently, so the stat now disappears from the game. Fitness and Player Stamina will continue to play an important role during matches.

Training items with one-time stat boosts will also disappear from the game. These were simply not used by many players, but they did take up place in card packs.

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Finally, healing items are also simplified. From now on you no longer need special cards for specific injuries. There are only common and weird items that you can use for any injury. Common items reduce the duration of an injury with two matches, rare items with five matches.

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