EA is more open than ever to buying new studios


We regularly receive news that a large publisher is buying up a smaller developer. Nothing new and so has Electronic Arts expressed the wish to do more with this. This is evident from the words of CFO Blake Jorgensen.

The best man was asked how EA views the purchase of new studios, including a “big asset” (hinting at Warner Bros.). Jorgensen responded with that they often base the purchase of a studio on long collaborations. Something the publisher has done with Respawn Entertainment, for example.

Jorgensen states that it was not about the purchase of the game, which in this case was Titanfall, but about the talent of the team.

“We were able to bring them into the fold, give them incredible support, and it was all driven by the fact that they had incredible talent. It wasn’t about Titanfall.

That’s no offense to Titanfall. That’s an amazing game and, you know, will we see a Titanfall at some point, at some time down the road? But it was really about the team.”

Later in the CFO’s answer, he drops that EA is more interested than ever in buying new acquisitions for EA. EA looks at pretty much everything available for sale, indirectly responding to Warner Bros. rumor.

This rumor indicates that the publisher Warner Bros. for sale and EA was mentioned several times as an interested party. So it could just be that if Warner Bros. it is indeed sold that it is incorporated by this American publisher.

“It might take some time, but trust that we’re more interested than ever, because we see that talent and building great new franchises is critical to the long-term business.”


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