Dutch presenter under attack after he 15-year-old prince …


Dutch TV presenter Sander Schimmelpenninck is under heavy fire after he called Princess Alexia “the tastiest” of the three daughters of the Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima in a talk show.

Schimmelpenninck made that statement in the Zelfspodcast, a talk show that he makes together with his childhood friend and singer Jaap Reesema. In the July 24 episode, the duo talked about Princess Alexia, the 15-year-old daughter of the king and queen of the Netherlands. Schimmelpenninck called the girl “the tastiest of the princesses”. And the On 1presenter continued: “Yes, we cannot ignore that. She seems to be arrogant. In Wassenaar it is said that she already walks outside her princess slippers. ”

Schimmelpenninck ran into a storm of criticism

“Huge pervert”

Schimmelpenninck ran into a storm of criticism after that conscious episode. Some of his TV colleagues also reacted with anger. For example, opinion maker Stella Bergsma thinks “that whole student sexism” is “jaded and disturbing”. RTL journalist Koen de Regt calls him “a huge pervert” and sports journalist Koert Westerman also wonders who is now taking the lead to all advertisers around On 1 to withdraw.

Especially the fact that Schimmelpenninck is talking about a girl of 15 years old, many Twitterers find inappropriate. “Dude, she is fifteen years old,” it says.

Schimmelpenninck himself also reacted afterwards to the fuss on Twitter and to various critics. The presenter indicated that he received several death threats, but does not seem to take them very seriously. He also shared an old column in which he suggests that the criticism is only directed at him because “his right-wing populist supporters can drink his blood.”

According to Schimmelpenninck, his statement should be seen in the humorous context of the talk show.

Dutch presenter under attack after he calls 15-year-old Princess Alexia “the tastiest”
The Dutch royal family, with Princess Alexia in the middle.


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