Dutch people short of code red at Lake Garda: ‘Everyone wants pegs’ Inland


That writes RTL News. “It can be so haunting here. Now it is sunny and beautiful at our campsite, for example, but that can change from one moment to the next, ”Fré Wijnholds tells the news channel. As an ANWB citizen, Wijnholds has been helping Dutch people with bad luck around the lake for years, and is now there at a campsite.

Yesterday it was already a hit. “At our campsite, branches have been cleared all day and other blown away stuff.” The weather is nice now. Lake Garda is known as a place where, thanks to its location near the Alps, it can quickly change from sunny to drenched wet.

Find extra pegs

It is not without reason that the Italians have issued ‘code red’, says meteorologist Brian Verhoeven of Buienradar. “Tens of millimeters of rain and wind gusts of up to 100 kilometers per hour are expected in a short time. That’s really big, especially when you’re in a tent. ”

Wijnholds notes that the campsite is often empty, but nervousness is palpable. “People are pounding pegs in the ground en are drawing extra lines. You never know.” According to him, there are few Dutch people at the moment.

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