‘Dutch girl (6) died at a Belgian holiday park’ | Inland


The girl stayed with her family at Park Molenheide in Helchteren. “A very tragic accident happened here,” explains Birger Meuwis of the park. “Everything indicates that the girl fell very unhappily on her head while playing.”

Immediately after the girl was found, the emergency services were called. According to Meuwis, they have done everything to save her. “They were here seven minutes after the call. Attempts were still made to administer first aid, but unfortunately that came too late. ”

The police investigation is still in full swing on Saturday evening, Meuwis explains. The girl’s family is received by emergency services in the main building of the park. Among other things, there is victim support.


Meuwis is audibly taken aback when he speaks to De Telegraaf by telephone. “This is very tragic. It was over from one moment to the next. Of course it affects us, but the family comes first now. It’s terrible for them. We do everything in our power to be there for them. ”

The police have not yet responded to the accident.


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