Durant and Kyrie’s next coach: Kid or Lou?


While the entire basketball world is draining into one bubble in Orlando, some 1,700 miles north, they have two stars living in a bubble of their own. Brooklyn Nets stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are watching from a distance their team that is in a surprising 2: 5 balance, but the head Their in one place: Championship in 2020/21.

The Nets will face Toronto in the first round of the playoffs, but if nothing unexpected happens, they will finish their season in the next two weeks, and can concentrate on the next task: finding a coach to lead the star-studded team in Brooklyn toward the NBA Finals.

The last time the Nets were in the NBA Finals, the club was in New Jersey and Jarrett Allen was 5. Whoever led the same team back then in 2002/03, was Jason Kidd, Who was mentioned as a senior candidate to coach Brooklyn next season. Last March, Kenny Atkinson was fired after serving as head coach at Barclays Center since 2016. As a result of the dismissals, Jacques Won Who served as Atkinson’s assistant, took the reins. Wen’s balance sheet so far in Brooklyn: 2:7, Including wins over the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks.

Naturally, Wen is a candidate to continue his role as a senior coach, but the Brooklyn management is well aware that a contender coach led by Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving is a completely different opera. Also, according to a March report, Durant and Irving want a first-rate coach, which is not exactly possible to say about Jacques Won.

Aside from Kidd, who is serving this season as Frank Vogel’s assistant to the Lakers, too Tyrone Lou Candidate for Brooklyn coaching. Lou also serves as an assistant coach in LA, only he is in charge of the red-and-white side of town, along with Doc Rivers. The advantages of both over Wen:

– Kid coached Brooklyn in the 2013/14 season, he has a great relationship with the stars, and by the way – he is the club legend. In fact, there are only six jerseys hanging on the ceiling of the hall at Barclays Center. Kid’s number 5 tank top is one of them.

– Tyrone Lou NBA champion, for those who managed to forget. Besides, the Brooklyn management can relax from the fact that he has already managed to tackle the only star in the league who is bigger than Kevin Durant. In addition, at the same championship in 2016, Lou also coached Brooklyn coordinator Kyrie Irving.

Two other names mentioned in connection with the Brooklyn training, are Jeff Van Gandy and Mother Judoka. Van Gandhi, Has not coached in the NBA since 2007 while Yudoka served 7 years as Greg Popovich’s assistant coach in San Antonio and this season he serves as Brett Brown’s assistant in Philadelphia. Yuduka, 43, by the way, has not yet been a head coach in his coaching career.

Quite a few coaches are on the agenda, but only one will get to lead one of the most talented teams built in the history of the Nets. Vote who you think will be the next Brooklyn coach:


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