Due to failure to find solutions: National Bank for Milk will close tomorrow


Tomorrow Sunday, the National Bank for Breastmilk will be forced to close, due to the Ministry of Health’s non-compliance with agreements and the failure to find the budgetary solutions required to operate the system.

The Magen David Adom organization announces, in an unusual way, that the National Milk Bank will close its doors this coming Sunday – in view of the Ministry of Health’s non-compliance with the agreements, and which did not provide the necessary budget solutions to operate the system.

MDA routinely operates the blood bank, which contains donations and reservoirs intended for patients and patients in an emergency.

The first milk bank in Israel, which will allow breastfeeding women to donate milk – if a surplus for other babies who need it, closes its doors on Sunday and actually ceases to operate – due to the organization’s inability to manage budget, which is under the auspices and responsibility of the Ministry of Health.

The bank is located at the MDA station in Jerusalem and its financing and operation depend on the flow of the required budgets, according to the agreement with the Ministry of Health. Breast milk has many benefits, and there are antibodies that protect the baby from disease and help build the immune system, a very important process in preterm infants and sick babies – and it has many benefits compared to the various baby food formulas. Breast milk, like a dose of blood, is a human tissue that has stem cells and white blood cells – a composition that has no substitute.

As stated this coming Sunday, MDA will be forced to close the gates of the National Bank for Breast Milk.


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