Drowned Pool family desperate: ‘Before he bull …


In Poland, Monika Kolczyński mourns the death of husband Marcin. Her three children are mourning. The seasonal worker who drowned on the beach of Julianadorp last Sunday is the talk of the day in Kazimierz Biskupi, a village more than a thousand kilometers from the North Sea coast. “Their thoughts are in the Netherlands,” says Martina Janasz, a Polish woman from The Hague.

“Apart from all the grief, the family is not doing well,” said Janasz, who has contacted the widow in recent days. “She’s broken, even if she keeps herself big. There is no money for a funeral, and Monika doesn’t even know how to get Marcin’s body into Kazimierz Biskupi. She needs financial help quickly and I try to help her through a donation on the site gofundme.com. I did not know Marcin, but when I read what had happened to him, I got angry and found out his wife’s contact details. I try to help her whenever possible. ”


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