Driver of car that caught fire after collision with police car had used nitrous oxide


A car caught fire in Oss after colliding with a police car. The accident happened on Sunday night around half past one in the Begijnenstraat. The police suspect the driver of driving under the influence of nitrous oxide. The suspect was injured in the collision and was taken to hospital under police escort.

The police car officer was not injured. According to the spokesperson, this also applies to the police dog that was in his car. It was a car of the Team Surveillance dogs East Brabant.

No chase
It seemed, according to bystanders, that there had been a chase ending Sunday night that ended with the collision, but that is not the case, according to police. “The collision happened completely unexpectedly. The driver drove out of nowhere on the back of the police car out of nowhere,” said the spokesman.

When more officers came to the scene of the accident, it turned out that the driver of the passenger car reacted strangely. He also brought some balloons and a bottle of laughing gas. This caused the agents to suspect that he was driving under the influence of nitrous oxide. The man’s driving license was taken on this.

Cars heavily damaged
Both cars were severely damaged. The police car was quite assembled at the back. The car that drove on the back of the police car, a Volkswagen, ended up in the bushes just before an apartment complex on the Fratershof after the collision. There the car came to a stop and caught fire.

The street was littered with debris after the accident. The fire was extinguished by the fire brigade.

Driven off after a previous collision
Na de The collision with the police car showed that the driver in question had previously driven a lamppost from another location in Oss. He then drove on. According to the spokesperson, an official report is drawn up for this.

According to the police, this earlier collision had nothing to do with the later collision. The police car did not follow the driver, the spokesman emphasizes. In addition to the Volkswagen and the police car, two other cars were damaged by the collision in the Begijnenstraat.


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