Dramatic poll: Netanyahu dives; Right – the second largest


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(Photo: Saria Diamant / Flash 90)

A new poll by Professor Camille Fox and News 13 presents dramatic data according to which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to lose seats and falls below the 30-seat threshold. At the same time, Bennett continues to rise and the right is already the second largest party with close to 20 seats.

According to the poll, if the election had been held today, the Likud led by Benjamin Netanyahu would have received only 29 seats. The right, led by Naftali Bennett, continues to leapfrog and becomes the second largest party with 19 seats. There is a future led by Yair Lapid receives a similar number of seats.

The poll also shows that the joint list with 15 seats. Yisrael Beiteinu and Avigdor Lieberman with 8 seats. Aryeh Deri’s Shas with 8 seats. Blue and white 8 seats. Torah Judaism with 7 seats. Meretz party with 7 seats as well.

The Labor parties, Gesher, Derech Eretz, and the Jewish House, do not pass the blocking percentage.

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