Drama at Rotterdam Zevenhuizerplas: 25-year-old drowning person died


A 25-year-old man died on Monday evening at the Zevenhuizerplas in Rotterdam-Nesselande. The fire brigade took the drowning person out of the water, after which the victim was resuscitated for some time, but to no avail.

The man swam outside the buoy lines in the Zevenhuizerplas, where the depth drops to 7 meters.

Earlier today, a 7-year-old boy was taken out of the water and resuscitated at the lake in Nesselande. The condition of the child is still unknown. According to the Safety Region, there is no link between the two drowning people.

On Monday evening, bystanders react shocked to the death of the 25-year-old drowning man. “I was sitting quietly on my phone and suddenly I saw four girls running into the water,” says a man. “Then a friend of the deceased panicked and went in too. It’s the first time we’ve been here, but I can’t believe that there are two people in danger today. Really too bizarre for words.”

“I went in to try to help, but it just ended really fast,” adds one woman. “He probably thought he could go a little further. If you are not a good swimmer it can be really dangerous. But it is unbelievable, really bad, that it goes wrong twice in a day.”


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