Dr. Disrespect: “Twitch has not yet given me a reason for the ban”


Dr. Disrespect is back! The 38-year-old American was first seen live again on August 7 after his Twitch ban on June 26. He did that on YouTube Gaming and attracted more than 500,000 simultaneous viewers on Google’s platform. Also, Dr. Disrespect that Twitch still hasn’t given him a reason for his ban on the platform.

Guy “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm’s first live stream on August 7 was clearly a success. The American drew more than 500,000 viewers during the peak moment, during which he explained his Twitch ban in more detail. Beahm was suddenly banned from the most popular live streaming platform on June 26, for no reason either to himself or to Twitch. There was a lot of speculation, but Dr. Don’t give disrespect last night either. According to him, Twitch still had not revealed why he was banned from the platform. The American further hinted that he has now left the case to professionals, because a lot of money would be involved. Perhaps a lawsuit will follow soon.

Dr. Disrespect continued its stream last night as usual, with a play session Call of Duty Warzone.

Watch part of his stream again below.


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