Dozens protest against the southern exit of the city in protest against the government’s conduct


As the organizers of the protest in Ashdod promised in a demonstration held last week in the city, where the residents of the city are protesting against the government’s conduct in the economic crisis created as a result of the fight against the corona virus.

Similar to last week, a protest was held on the southern exit bridge from the city at 6.30pm, in order to allow protesters to join the protests in Balfour and Caesarea.

In contrast to the photos we are used to seeing in the national protest, it is worth noting that in Ashdod there is extraordinary cooperation and mutual respect between the demonstrators and the police.


Thousands of citizens across more than 260 bridges and intersections across the country are expected to demonstrate tonight and protest against the government’s conduct. In addition, Israelis will join them in a number of different parts of the world, including Berlin and the Golden Bridge in the United States.

The “Black Flags” movement reported: “This is the sixth consecutive weekend that citizens of the country go out to intersections and bridges to say to Netanyahu: Resign! At 20:00, demonstrations will begin in front of the defendant’s and inciting houses in Balfour and Caesarea. A demonstration in Balfour is approved to return to Jerusalem.”

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