Dozens of demonstrators in Zichron Yaacov in support of MK Shasha Bitton


“It’s not just in the financial aspect, we want to give people back the ability to earn a decent living,” the chairman of the Corona Committee added. “Allow them to do so within limits that will help us fight the virus and prevent it from spreading.”

Advertiser Avner Mechtinger, one of the organizers of the event, explained the factors that led to the rally. “This is not a demonstration, this is a rally of support and our hope was for many people. The message is that thanks to Yifat Shasha Bitton at least half a million people will be able to spend properly on Saturdays, after all sorts of stakeholders who care about their publics “Show managers,” he said.

“We need to express support for her after everything that has happened, although we have heard that tomorrow there will be a probation call that I assume will end up ‘mitigating her punishment for good behavior,'” he continued. “It’s important that someone as sound as she does, and not hear about ‘sardines at sea’ again, as one of the ministers said. Katono, and I’m not saying it’s because of us, but I think all the things that are happening now and being recycled are related to supporting her.” According to him, “what is important is that she comes back so that we know that the decisions made in the government are decisions that make sense and make sense.”

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