Doornbos about Hülkenberg’s chances at Red Bull: “Then shoot themselves in the foot”


According to Formula 1 analyst Robert Doornbos, Nico Hülkenberg is not a logical choice as the second driver for Red Bull Racing. However, he foresees a return for the German to other teams in Formula 1.

Marko impressed by Hülkenberg: “months away from F1 car”Helmut was clearly pleased with what Hülkenberg has more

A number of rumors are currently occupying the world of Formula 1 a lot: the possible transfer from Vettel to Racing Point and the possible return of Nico Hülkenberg. The latter would be in talks with several teams, with at least Alfa Romeo already confirming that they are at the table with ‘The Hulk’. But also Dr. Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s chief advisor, has said he was delighted with the performance of the German driver in his brief return to Racing Point.

Is there a seat at Red Bull in Hülkenberg? Doornbos is in favor in his column Ziggo Sport quite firmly and does not think so. Despite the fact that Hülkenberg and Verstappen are potentially good teammates, he doesn’t think Marko & Horner will consider leaving Albon aside. “Hülkenberg is a good driver, but I don’t see Red Bull making that choice. They shoot themselves in the foot with their talent program.”

It therefore seems more realistic to Doornbos that Hülkenberg will get a chance at Alfa Romeo or Haas, two teams that have not yet announced their driver composition for the coming season. Which team do you think Hülkenberg has a shot at? Give your opinion in our poll!


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