‘Don’t be surprised if Madueke will soon be in the rush hour with Malen at PSV’


Although it is also very hot in Marienfeld, Germany, trainer Roger Schmidt lashes it out to the PSV players. Football International reporter Stef de Bont has noticed how hard the Eindhoven selection trains, despite temperatures of 38 degrees.

“The new German trainer trains hard and hard,” says De Bont on the website of WE. “He wants to play pressing football and expects the utmost from the players. It is striking that the training is really hard. The players still like the physical trainer, but I wonder how long it is. The effort is considerable. I understood that there was hard training under Mark van Bommel, but this is one category further. German is being trained. ”

Noni Madueke, among others, makes a strong impression during the training camp. “It really is an upcoming talent. When you see him go here, how fit he is, how fast he is, but also how sharp he is for the goal. I just heard a whisper: not strange when he will soon be with Donyell Malen is in the rush when the league starts for PSV. ”


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