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Mayor Rianne Donders van Roermond finds it too easy to say that the Outlet Center should be closed, now that it has become apparent that six people who work there are infected with corona.
The Outlet Center has done exactly what the protocol dictates: it has closed the stores where these people work. “If it had not happened in the Outlet but in the city center, no one would have said: now the entire city center must be closed,” Donders says in an interview with L1. “Like monks, like hoods.”
Donders thinks the media portrayed of the hustle and bustle in the Outlet Center is exaggerated, but at the same time indicates that she personally does not understand why people necessarily want to shop in this hustle and bustle in the brand village, if you can also shop on Monday morning or at a another quiet time. ”
In addition to being mayor, Donders is acting chairman of the North Limburg Safety Region, because chairman Antoin Scholten, mayor of Venlo, is still on holiday. First observer Luc Winants, mayor of Venray, is also absent.
Staff members
The Roermond brand village was in the news in recent days, because the corona virus has been detected among staff. In total, six employees are known to be infected. Donders wants to investigate whether allowing fewer visitors into the Outlet helps to keep shoppers five feet away.
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