Donation campaign Van Rossem calls on everything: ‘historical’ to vinegar link


Intellectual growler Maarten van Rossem will sing a song for 10,000 euros, he promised. A crowdfunding has now started. Which, incidentally, has generated mixed reactions. For example, someone shares a link to the vinegar collection of Albert Heijn.

Ten cents from ‘anonymous’, five euros from Erwin, 25 from Wilma, with the message: ‘if it doesn’t work, please donate to a good cause.’ The donations are coming in steadily, for the crowdfunding for Maarten van Rossem, the surly smartass who has both fans and ‘haters’. Not to help him through the summer or to offer him a laughter class, but to make him sing.

Crowdfunding Van Rossem

In the episode of The smartest person on Thursday, August 13, presenter Philip Freriks asked Van Rossem, who a few days before had a lot of criticism on his Old Testament comment, how much it would cost to have him sing a karaoke song. He answered with 10,000 euros, and according to Freriks it was “a breeze, just start a crowdfunding.” And so it happened. On, which usually contains promotions of a completely different caliber – so wrote Metro rather about an action for Australia – you will find the crowdfunding for Maarten van Rossem since this morning.

He himself, in his Maarten van Rossems, let it be known that he finds the action “wonderfully silly”, but says that he is a man of his word. “If 10,000 euros is collected, I will sing a song for the next recordings.”

‘Historic moment’

Philip Freriks is very much looking forward to the “historical moment” in The smartest person, he announced today. He had almost forgotten the statement in the broadcast. “The recordings were a while ago,” he says. “And of course I meant it as a joke. I also think it’s a good joke that the viewers are now making off with that comment. ”

The popular presenter will not transfer money for the promotion himself. “As a presenter I must always remain impartial. Moreover, I am very practical and Protestant. I think there are more useful goals to spend your money on. I can also imagine that if the amount is reached, Maarten will donate the money to a good cause. ”

Man of his word

Nevertheless, Freriks is looking forward to „this already historic moment in the history of the program. I know Maarten as a man of his word. ” The next series of recordings from The smartest person is in the fall. The program is considered one of the NPO’s audience rating guns and is one of the most watched shows on television every night.


At the time of writing, the counter stands at 600 euros, after 76 donations have been made. The reactions are not all positive. “Can’t we spend our money in some useful way? Who the hell is waiting for this? ”, Remco Kommers writes.

“Nonsense, we are not going to do it,” responds CN Wass. “There are actions that earn more to get money. Van Rossem already receives something like 12,000 euros per delivery, so he can also pay for it himself. ” After which a modest discussion about his salary erupts. “Definitely incorrect, he earns about 30,000 per season”, Jeroen Hoek thinks he knows, after which he links to a story in the Story adds.

Furthermore, someone shares a link from the vinegar collection of De Appie, most likely referring to Van Rossem’s cynicism, and the finally wonders one thing: “Which song would Maarten choose?”

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Donation campaign Van Rossem calls on everything: ‘historical’ to vinegar link


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