Domein de Plas in Kelchterhoef remains closed after incident t …


The mood between a group of sixty to seventy young people and a man got heated on Monday evening at the Plas in Kelchterhoef. Mayor Alain Yzermans (SP.A) of Houthalen-Helchteren has therefore decided that the Plas in Kelchterhoef will remain closed from Tuesday.

First, some security people intervened. When several teams from the CARMA police zone arrived on the scene, the group of young people had apparently already left. It was all about swearing and some pushing and pulling.

The man apparently made a statement to the young people, after which the situation escalated.

Mayor Yzermans was displeased with the harassment. Apparently there had been no fighting. On Monday evening, a crisis meeting immediately took place. ‘The incident did not last that long, but we do not want to take any risks for the guests at the Plas. We want to have a strict policy. Safety comes first. The Plas will therefore close until further notice, ‘said the mayor of Houthalen-Helchteren.

It is therefore not yet clear when the twenty-hectare swimming pond with accompanying sandy beach will be accessible again.


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