Does Facebook run selective enforcement? Political and political news


This morning (Monday), the Ministry of Diaspora presented data to the Knesset ‘Committee on Aliyah, Absorption and Diaspora, produced by the Ministry’s Advanced Monitoring Center for Detecting Incitement on Social Networks.

The data was presented in a hearing held at the Committee on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Tik-Tuk on the subject of anti-Semitism on the networks.

The ministry presented examples that the monitoring center located and point to very serious anti-Semitic incitement in Facebook groups in Arabic, which include Holocaust denial, blaming the Jews for the Holocaust, classical anti-Semitism and new anti-Semitism.

It should be noted that following the findings of the acting chairman of the World Zionist Organization, Yaakov Hagoel in the committee, the committee’s chairman, MK David Bitan, together with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, decided to establish a task force that would include representatives of the World Zionist Organization and government ministries. The relevant ones that will lead to the definition of anti-Semitism and rules to combat it on the various social networks.

Yogev Crescenti, director of the fight against anti-Semitism on behalf of the government at the Ministry of Diaspora, raised serious questions in the committee about the extent to which social networks are committed to combating the content of hate and anti-Semitism spread on their platforms.

He said: “The monitoring system of the Ministry of Diaspora monitors hundreds and thousands of antisemitic statements every day. The monitoring is not only done on Facebook or Twitter, but also on smaller and less famous social networks. Point activity in one post or another does not help reduce the phenomenon over time. “Effectively, there is a need to change policy on the part of the networks. The Ministry of Diaspora shares the information received from the monitoring system, data analysis and trends, governments around the world and international bodies, and harnesses them to address and eradicate the phenomenon.”

Diaspora Minister MK Omar Yankelevich said: “Freedom of expression ends where antisemitic incitement begins. Social networks must take responsibility for the content published on them and adopt the definition of anti-Semitism as a binding tool for antisemitic content in all languages. The forgiveness for antisemitic messages in the Arabic language is unbearable. “The long nose of a Jew in an Arabic newspaper is no different from the long nose in an English or French press,” anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism. ”

“We demand that social networks immediately close the antisemitic groups, expose the data and allow access to them on their platforms and thus become partners in the fight to eradicate the phenomenon and not encourage it by allowing antisemitic content to be uploaded on the network,” the minister added.

The director of the World Zionist Organization’s Anti-Semitic Communication Center at the end of the discussion told Channel 7, “Anti-Semitism must be stopped on social networks. Every social network must take responsibility and prevent inappropriate posts. It starts with networks and it ends with actions.”

“Tic-tac-toe is full of antisemitic videos,” says Bachar.


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